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- Discovering and Cultivating Talented Golfers

Swingtime Golf Adopted Golfer - John Montgomery continues his training and practice regimen, and will begin national and international Tour play sometime in 2013. John was introduced and inaugurated at the 4th Swingtime Corporate Golf Challenge at Doral Golf Resort & Spa Miami December 2, 2012.

Swingtime would like to thank Kevin Hall for his active participation in the Adopt-A-Golfer program and wish him well as he continues his quest. We hope to see him on the tour soon. Kevin was a pleasure to work with and he leaves us with the beneift of the training and experience he gained in the Adotp-A-Golfer program.

Kevin's contributions in our blog, videos, and photos will continue to be a part of the Adopt-A-Golfer web site.

The innovative Adopt-A-Golfer initiative increases minority participation on professional golf tours. The program continues to expand its sponsorship opportunities affording underprivileged minority golfers with funding their pressing needs and requirements.

The Adopt-A-Golfer Initiative provides for the sponsorship of aspiring amateur golfers for a one to three-year term. "This program is predominantly aimed to assist disadvantaged and underprivileged amateur and aspiring people, regardless of their race, sex, religion or creed who are, or have been oppressed by virtue of their sheer misfortune. It is our vision and mission to afford an opportunity to these promising champions, who are ready to take their rightful place in all sectors of the golfing industry, including playing on the professional circuit locally and internationally," says Alan Duval, visionary and founder of the program conceived in Knysna, South Africa in 2005.

"Golf around the world has an untapped mine of talented, yet neglected golfers. We've aspired to change the golfing culture in South Africa and around the world through this program. America's underprivileged minority will now have the opportunity of a lifetime to showcase their talents to the world, and, with our help, engineer them to succeed to the pinnacle of their golfing career."

Monetary constraints have long been a major roadblock for gifted players who lack funding to pay for the necessities for developing their game. The Adopt-A-Golfer program is designed to create the needed support by strategically aligning with businesses interested in making a commitment to golf and the cultivation of young talent. This fast-track assistance program seeks the nomination of promising golfers with great potential and corporate firms interested in making a difference. The goal of this collaborative approach is to effectively help amateur golfers dreams come true while providing them with pipeline access to the professional Tours.

Swingtime Golf is challenging corporations to support the initiative by sponsoring and adopting a golfer who has great potential.

About the Adopt-A-Golfer Program*

Corporate Sponsorships Available Now

Adopted Golfer
Disadvantaged Young Talent Is Waiting

All over the world, young men and women are swinging clubs and learning the sport. Many of them have promising potential and with the right opportunity, coaching, and mentoring, they can reach their true potential. They won't get that opportunity without your help.

Program Details:
  • The adopted golfer represents a corporation (brought by corp)
  • Adopted golfer must have a handicap of 10 or under
  • Currently there is no age or gender restriction
  • Swingtime membership required - Gold level or above
  • A limited number of Adopt-A-Golfer sponsorship packages are available.
  • The sponsorships must comply with SAGA or USGA rules and regulations.
Why Adopt A Golfer?
  • Golf attracts major sponsorships and grants from companies that realize the value of the sport in revenue generation and brand exposure.
  • Golf reaches many markets for goods and services through formal and informal channels.
  • Golf traditionally has been a conduit for business through informal networking and personal influence on and off the golf course.
  • The sport of golf in itself is a huge market and one of the fastest growing.
  • Youth golf is a relatively unexploited marketing tool.

Advantages to your Corporation:
  • Social responsibility.
  • Marketing platform for the company.
  • Branding awareness.
  • A complimentary advertorial in the Swingtime Magazine.
  • Additional media coverage.

Adopt-A-Golfer Pro-AM:
  • Pro wins cash prize of up to $10,000.
  • Amateur wins cash and prizes of up to $2000.
  • Adopted golfers win trophies for participating.